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Machinery manufacturing automationb
   Edit£ºAdmin   Browse£º1787  Date£º2016-01-29 

Automated machinery, mainly refers to in the machinery manufacturing industry in the application of automation technology, continuous automatic production of the processing object, to realize the optimization of the effective automatic production process, to speed up the production input processing transformation and flow velocity. Application and development of mechanical automation technology, is the main direction of the main means and technical development of machinery manufacturing industry technological transformation and progress of technology. The technical level of the mechanical automation, not only affect the development of machinery manufacturing industry, has a direct impact on large and progress of the various sectors of the national economy and technology. How to develop the mechanical automation technology in our country should be based on facts, all starting from the body conditions, do the basic work, go China the road of development of mechanical automation techniques.
1 combined with the actual production, pay attention to the practical development of mechanical automation technology. All the truth lies in the application of advanced manufacturing technology. The development of mechanical automation technology, should be based on the actual needs and specific conditions of production and development of enterprises as a guide. Only the production of suitable products by automatic mode corresponding to the country to receive technology good economic benefits and social economic benefits. The development of mechanical automation technology in our country, should be combined with the real international, focus on practical, namely the practical benefits to the national economy. That engage in blind automation, engage in the practice of automatic line. The annual production tasks only 1 to 2 months to complete the low load production rate will make the tendency should be corrected to national economy does not produce significantly promote and inefficient to slow up. What we want is a benefit, not only is the speed.
Low cost automation technology development 2 less investment and quick. The development of low cost automation technology, potential, prospects, investment, quick effect, improve the degree of automation, can have a multiplier effect, which is suitable for China's national development needs and conditions. In 1990s the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology proposed lean production LP (Lean Production) is a model, with minimal investment, maximize output specific performance. Foreign development of machinery manufacturing industry of low cost automation technology experience is beneficial. China's machinery manufacturing industry enterprises have a lot of general equipment, in the development of modern mechanical automation technology should be based on original equipment, rationally adjust the layout of the machine, add a small amount of CNC equipment, the introduction of CAD / CAM technology, give full play to the advantages of computer automation management and creative, together constitute a human centered, with information automation for the pilot, set up independent unit of production system, China's machinery manufacturing industry automation technology development and application provides a less investment, quick effect, high efficiency, in line with the new method of mechanical automation technology development and application in our country. Local automation general machine modification has important significance. In the near future to our country of low cost and convenient maintenance of general machine or not declined sharply, because the majority of the market of township enterprises, small factories, laboratories, workshops and other tools of large enterprises.
3 with Chinese conditions, the development of modern mechanical automation technology. The automation is a low level to the high level, from simple to complex, from imperfect to perfect the process of development. When the operation of a machine with automatic controller, the mode of production from the mechanization gradually transition to the mechanical control (traditional) automation, digital control automation, computer control automation. Only with the establishment of automatic chemical plant, the production process to be fully automated, to improve productivity, achieve the ideal stage of advanced automation. China automation technology is a long-term process, not overnight. At present, China machinery manufacturing industry with the world advanced level there are stage gap. In our country the national condition, common development and application of computer integrated manufacturing system "full automation" or "automatic", do not have the necessary basic technology, experience and ability to invest. Therefore, to common development of full automation or highly automated CIMS technology must be cautious. A pressing matter of the moment of China's machinery manufacturing and full automation or highly automated CIMS technology is not only the main development direction for the machinery manufacturing automation technology. Should the development process mature mass production automation technology. In the present stage of our country, in the large number of products of similar products in the continuous assembly line of cutting production, automation equipment is still semi automatic machine, automatic machine, combination machine tools and automatic line, rotary parts processing, such as automatic line. While casting, in large scale forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment and assembly production, using rigid automation (automatic machine and automatic line) is reasonable and feasible, can achieve better economic benefits; for the mass production of slightly more varieties, should be adopted by the rapid re adjustment of the equipment section or group line replaceable modular machine tool spindle box automatic assembly line, automatic line and short composite manufacturing unit, realize group automation; and small batch production, we should promote the group operation of the appropriate development of CNC machine or machining center with entertainment, to establish some flexible manufacturing cell FMC (Flexible Manu- facturing Cell), can good economic effect. As a developing country, considering all production technical problems must be used. Our digestion and absorption of foreign flexible manufacturing system (Pseudo- FMS) is discussed in this paper, is to ensure that the necessary for the production of flexible premise, optimization of human-machine interface, not excessive pursuit of automation, as far as possible to establish perfect information system, to fully develop the benefit of computer management. Advanced system

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