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Label printing paper quality is the key
   Edit£ºadmin   Browse£º2652  Date£º2016-01-29 

Label printing paper quality is the key
In recent years, China's light weight coated paper market demand will continue to rise. At the same time, it is the mill currently attention and focus on the development of products. Domestic production of light coated paper enterprises mainly Chenming Paper Group, Jindong paper, Shandong Huatai Group. UPM. Ningxia Meili Paper. Shandong Quanlin paper industry, paper-making enterprises. In October 2002, app (Asia Pulp & Paper) Jiangsu Jindong paper Zhenjiang new built the second annual production capacity of 50 million tons of coated paper production line officially put into production, so far. Together with the originally built the first coated paper production line, Jindong paper company into the current world on coated paper production scale is the largest enterprises. The company wide two copy speed 9700mm for 1500 meters / minute coating base paper production line, annual production capacity of more than 70 million tons. The quality of the base paper and coated paper are high quality products. Chenming Paper Group since the successful development of a 51 grams / square meters of low quantitative coated paper, but also has a production of 51 ~ 120 grams / square meters of various specifications of the low quantitative coated paper production capacity of product structure is complete.
Light coated paper with good clothing trademarks, tag printing, suitable for gravure or the Punner offsctdruckereien, or even apply to offset (Quantitative higher grohal). Currently grohal are widely used in printing magazines, catalogues, advertising, trademark, newspaper Edition (the subject) and other fields. In the United States grohal be "koennyueipari new product development guide" as the most promising paper. According to the statistical data. 52% of American's light weight coated paper used to print magazine. Clothing label tag, such as "reader's Digest" magazine each with 19 kinds of languages printing issued tens of millions of copies. The magazine text is to use lightweight coated paper printing. In addition there are grohal. 25% for the catalog.20% print ads. In Europe there are 42% light weight coated paper for printing magazine.30% for advertising, 22% for the catalog. Light weight coated paper in Japan is also low-end export in recent years the fastest speed increase of paper, and will continue to increase. In the more developed countries and regions, to light the demand for coated paper is the reasons for the sharp increase, mainly advertising and color development produced a great impetus.
LWC in our country starts late, in commercial advertising, the use of coated paper, which in the international market is rare, foreign rarely used by all of the pulp and paper production of coated paper. In the past, the domestic light coated paper used to print magazine. Newspaper inserts and other fields, in recent years in catalogues and advertising industry also gradually appeared in the trends in the using of light weight coated paper printing, which makes the domestic light weight coated paper market since the beginning of the 21st century in behave more active, consumption and demand are increasing year by year. In 2002, grohal independent domestic production of about 250 thousand tons. While the national consumption amounted to 900 thousand tons, the insufficient part were imported from abroad. The domestic LWC paper market has broad space for development.
At present, the domestic and foreign clothing trademark tag printing. Grohal has become a hot topic. Although China in recent years has built more than 10 light weight coated paper production line. The annual production capacity of about 1000000 tons. But although there have been many years in production of 500 thousand tons, the slow pace of development. In foreign countries, the light weight coated paper is the fastest paper product developed in recent years, the reason. Light coated paper products printing performance remained unchanged or decreased slightly with, but cost is greatly reduced, thus market more and more. And the current domestic cultural paper to want to from the main product market of books and paper. Double gummed paper change for the light weight coated paper. Is a product printing performance has improved but a substantial increase in the cost of the process, resulting in the light coated paper market development is slow. Lightweight coated paper technology research and development is still moving forward, from coating pigment. Coating technology. Further updates of coating equipment to light coated paper base paper quantitative further reduced. Research focus should still is in increase or to ensure that the printing performance and also reduce or control costs. Domestic can be used to furnish cheap non wood fibers such as bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, reed pulp, such as a substitute of the foreign light weight coated paper in mechanical pulp composition. Rational use of chemical wood pulp. In order to produce can meet the market demand for light weight coated cultural paper. In order to achieve the upgrading of cultural paper. Only the quality meet the light weight coated paper market demand and the cost is not high. It is the present and future of printing paper in the real darling.

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