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Tag printing design requires those notes
   Edit£ºadmin   Browse£º2706  Date£º2016-01-29 

We found in the daily printing work, most of the customers are coming album | label printing design draft have varying degrees of error, need to modify, this delay the progress of printing. For this reason, this paper summarizes some printing design considerations.
The first point: distance, page text (or pictures) from the cutting edge must be 3mm, so as to avoid cutting was cut to. The text into curves, please note that the word or whether there is overlap or skip row disorder phenomenon. The text must turn a curve or description frame. Do not use the word system, if use will cause printing strokes at staggered white nodes. If there is a white stroke staggered node, with instruction processing can be scattered. Do not use color overprint black text.
The second point: the printer cannot print color requirements for printing color, customers must refer to CMYK chromatography percentage to determine design coloring. At the same time note: the influence of different manufacturers of CMYK chromatography on the printing paper, printing inks, printing pressure factors, the same color will exist some differences.
The third point: label printing manufacturers in different printing, color will have difference, degree of color difference within 10% for normal (for printing ink quantity control each will have a different cause).
The fourth point: color design color please try to avoid using the combination of the color of dark or full version, to avoid cause printing after cutting produce back situation in China and India. Tag printing due to less, have the same large color areas are opposite, occasionally ink.
The fifth point: tag map color shading or not less than 10%, otherwise the finished print cannot show.

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