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Mechanical advantage
   Edit£ºadmin   Browse£º2160  Date£º2016-01-29 

The mechanical advantage of the mechanical advantage is a term used to describe] is a mechanical device used by some form by the force of the internal volume. It allows the mobile device to perform its task design. Used in the home, and in the construction of many commonly used tools, make use of this principle.
One of the best way to understand this idea is to consider the simple action between the screwdriver and screws. Force in screwdriver, resulting in the body of the tool to rotate, and at the same time into some form of surface, such as a block by screw. With the rotating force and forward movement, make it possible to use a screwdriver to screw into the middle of a mechanical advantage. Another example of making use of crusher. The mechanism of the use of this type of two flat surface. An object is placed between the two surfaces, and the use of hydraulic operation simple, the top surface of the moving surface. Because it close, factors of mechanical advantage, so that it can be compressed to a smaller space within the volume. You can understand, in general, this principle is two distinct concepts. The first one is called the ideal mechanical advantage, usually referred to as IMA, an ideal machine it has to do with the creation and function. The concept of no real ideal machine at present is still just a theory, but the calculation is helpful. The second is called the actual mechanical advantage or AMA, using the actual machine processing function in the physical world.
This work is lost due to friction factors during a given task of the amount of energy is taken into account when calculating the exchange rate of the mechanical advantage
1, the machine especially according to the characteristics of Japan and South Korea designed tag. Automatic drilling, threading and tied a complete. Completely solve the trouble of manual threading.
2, with simple adjustment, convenient use, high production efficiency, the production of the product appearance, uniform and good quality. Is the weapon of choice for tag, elevator production.
3, our machine is more suitable for wearing a cotton and conventional tag and cotton, the fastest speed can be up to 100 pieces per minute. This machine is SP-120T

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